Thursday, June 2, 2011

Which looks Best?

Greetings fellow sissies

Goddess Sandra wants me to get feedback on which wig everyone thinks is best please take a look and comment. I have a favorite but I won't sway the vote.



Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Goddess Sandra's requirements are getting tougher

Goddess Sandra has really stepped things up. She sent me to Piercing Pagoda to get my ears pierced over the weekend, thrills. It was a challenge as i had to pick the earrings sit in the chair and get pierced by a very sweet and gorgeous twenty something. She wore like 4.5 inch heels heels she was more than happy to pierce my ears. Ouch!!! Goddess Sandra also used a little wire that went from one ear to the other and went into my mouth. It was hard to talk as it pulled my ears every time i moved my mouth. Goddess Sandra also surprised me with a new wig that I think makes me look younger. i am told the piercings are not done. i can only imagine what is next.

tammi get her nipples pierced

Goddess Sandra really sent me on an adventure recently. She sent me to a piercing shop, Stacey's and as i found out when i arrived my nipples were to be pierced. She told the piercer that she wanted them deep which the piercer was more than happy to do. i had temporary piercings there before but this was a new adventure. i sat in the chair quietly accepting my fate as one then the other nipple was pierced. Goddess Sandra has said she wants them stretched and more so i am scared of how far she might go with this. She says She is arranging a followup visit. As i brush something up against them it certainly gets my attention!!!! The major saving grace was i didn't have to dress as tammi although the piercer did know that tammi was my girl name and she called me "tammi" the whole time. It was definitely humiliating. She is into the scene so she knew exactly what was going on!!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

tammi week 2

As required by Goddess Sandra, I am reporting on my feminization for the week. First, I have accomplished wearing my Jessica Simpson red opened toe pumps and walking in them. Goddess Sandra bought me size 11 as She says no sissy should never wear any bigger size. These shoes by far are smallest She has bought for me. The first several times I tried them I on, they were so tight I couldn't even get them on my feet. Now, I can wear them for more than a hour. Next week, Goddess Sandra is requiring that I wear them for my whole time that I am doing my maid chores. This will be very difficult. She has also required that I start training in my 6 3/4 inch heels, daily. All I will be ever able to do in those is stand in them. Her goal is an extremely difficult at 1 hour. Right now, I can only do like 3-5 minutes so I have a very long way to go.

I was also required to wear my punishment inserts in my bra top, while cleaning this week as I was quite bad this week. These really, really hurt. I don't know where She got the idea but it is quite cruel. Wish me luck, She added tens punishment this week on my nips so that won't be fun either. For a while, it is very stimulating. However, eventually, it becomes constant torment.

hugs fo now !!!



Thursday, February 10, 2011

tammi is back

After along time away Goddess Sandra has decided that it time for me to be feminized more regularly and completely. She is requiring me to document this progress on my blog. i am travelling on an extended project for work so i have lots of alone time on nights and weekends which Goddess Sandra wants me to devote improving my feminine appearance and becoming more comfortable as sissy and slutty lady. i must post at least once a week with pictures etc. If i do not behave she is in the process of arranging "visitors" to help enforce and improve my training. Weight loss is also part of the training, i must drop at least 1 inch per month from my waist or face additional punishment.

She has bought new shoes for me and is creating a shopping list for clothes and accessories to add to my collection. She is also considering having me get my nipples pierced. She 1st wanted ears but the work environment won't permit it. Goddess Sandra has purchased a web cam for me but I don't know what She planned for that yet. i hope to hear from all my friends as i will need support and encourgement through this ordeal.




Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Goddess Sandra sent me to a makeover specialist (pictured here)while i was in Las Vegas. i received a makeover and then was required to pose for a large number of pictures. i spent nearly an hour being made up and two hours on pictures and wardrobe changes. This lady was not a pro-domme ( photographer and makeup artist) although She was used to making over men as women so her manner quite different. i did feel even more humiliated during this encounter because she was a an extremely attractive late 20 something that had an extremely exotic manner as well as appearance. She was simply gorgeous. She was extremely thoughtful and caring in her approach. Unfortunately, some of things She did really excited me, but i was forced to hide it as she wasn’t in to that and my excitement embarrassed her which humiliated me further. If it had been one of the other dominant Ladies, they would have tormented me terribly. The way she approached the whole process was soft and gentle. She tried to treat me the way she would have one of her real female clients. She used a lip brush that almost drove me insane. i never knew that type of touch could be a turn-on. She also fussed with my petticoat and garter straps which also got me excited. She was not into the forced domination thing. i couldn’t tell if she was doing this knowingly or not. In any case, she was gorgeous, and i was so humiliated that she was turning me into a feminized male. This was an odd predicament i was forced by Goddess Sandra to go to for the makeover, however, the person doing the makeover was not forcibly dominating me. To make matters worse, she thought this was something i enjoyed and was comfortable with. i did enjoy the compliments she gave me and that she would enjoy seeing me again.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

About the Dominant Ladies

The Ladies that Goddess Sandra has sent me to visit have been extremely varied in their training as well as punishments or corrections. There is one Group that i have served as waitress in my maid’s costume several times. Depending on the Lady in charge, my requirements have been from quite simple to very complicated. One of the Ladies requires that i keep my head bowed and eyes downward. If glance into her eyes i am immediately spanked harshly. Goddess Sandra has purchased a skirt with the rear open that is the most humiliating skirt I am required to wear. To begin with, it is extremely short. If it had a back, my garters would show with the slightest bend. However, with no back my bottom is almost fully exposed. Since that Goddess Sandra also requires thongs only for these events, my bottom is really exposed and vulnerable. At the end of the time of serving drinks etc, i am usually led to a room where i am tied helplessly with my arms overhead. My bottom is then abused with whatever toys the Lady deems appropriate for the offense. The worse the offence, the more pain i will feel. Sometimes, this correction is for having a nail fall off (i am required to wear glue on nails while serving as maid, in fact Goddess Sandra has recently decided on glamour length from now on as opposed to a more normal length. She also now requires i wear glue on toenails as well since my toenails are not at all feminine). Other Ladies have learned that my nipples are very sensitive due to the training and abuse Goddess Sandra has given them over time and have taken full advantage. As a result, all manner of clamps and toys have been attached to them. One Lady went so far as pierce them and attach tiny bells in them. This was the most painful thing I have experienced at the hands of one of these Ladies. What was so humiliating about this is She had me so in her web that i actually begged and pleaded for her to pierce my nipples. After, the first piercing i definitely had second thoughts, but she didn’t give me the chance to debate my fate. The worst part was after giving me a couple minutes to recover She forced walk around in high heels (with the help of a whip) and make the bells jungle. At first this hurt, however, after i got the walk down, I became excited by sensation this caused in my nipples.

Over the course of about 5 years, Goddess Sandra has also required that I have my ears pierced during these visits. The first was the most shocking as it was the result of me not performing well during a session. Goddess Sandra had sent a piercing kit with me. At the end of the visit, i was told by the Lady that i had failed miserably and as a consequence my ears were to be pierced. She also applied crazy glue to the backs so they could not be removed. She also did the same with the hooks on my bra. i was effectively stuck in my bra with pierced ears until Goddess Sandra removed them. This was quite embarrassing. i was so humiliated. The hardest time was when i was required to use the kit on myself before visiting one of the Ladies. It is very difficult to do it to yourself when you know it will hurt and how humiliating it is to wear little pink crystals in both ears.
Other Ladies have really enjoyed pushing the makeover thing with a really over the top makeover. There is at least one Lady that wants me go out dressed as the biggest slut imaginable and get picked up in a bar by the guys.