Saturday, February 19, 2011

tammi week 2

As required by Goddess Sandra, I am reporting on my feminization for the week. First, I have accomplished wearing my Jessica Simpson red opened toe pumps and walking in them. Goddess Sandra bought me size 11 as She says no sissy should never wear any bigger size. These shoes by far are smallest She has bought for me. The first several times I tried them I on, they were so tight I couldn't even get them on my feet. Now, I can wear them for more than a hour. Next week, Goddess Sandra is requiring that I wear them for my whole time that I am doing my maid chores. This will be very difficult. She has also required that I start training in my 6 3/4 inch heels, daily. All I will be ever able to do in those is stand in them. Her goal is an extremely difficult at 1 hour. Right now, I can only do like 3-5 minutes so I have a very long way to go.

I was also required to wear my punishment inserts in my bra top, while cleaning this week as I was quite bad this week. These really, really hurt. I don't know where She got the idea but it is quite cruel. Wish me luck, She added tens punishment this week on my nips so that won't be fun either. For a while, it is very stimulating. However, eventually, it becomes constant torment.

hugs fo now !!!




alby said...

Those shoes look great on you !!!

tammi said...


they look fantastic but they are so so painful. the heel is just high enough to require effort walking in them. They are slightly above the comfortable height. Sandra says She is looking for something alittle more challenging and sexy

sissy gina said...

I do hope you are now wearing lingerie 24/7. I would love to know that you wear panties, stockings and a garter belt to work every day like I do.
sissy gina

tammi said...

Sissy Gina

I now have pierced nipples. Goddess Sandra made me do it today. I was so embarrassed. Iw ill blog about Weds. she is now talking about chastity piercings.


sissy tammi

Goddess Sandra said...

good girl tammi!! I hope they feel delicious! I can't wait to torment them. they will look so lovely when I finished.

Goddess Sandra