Wednesday, December 31, 2008

my previous maid training

Goddess Sandra really loves to put me in situations that really challenge me. She has meet interesting Ladies that have assisted Her in the process. i am sure they have given Her ideas that have been at my expense. Most of the time these challenges are truly quite humiliating and embarrassing but have provided opportunities for me to learn skills that Goddess Sandra feels i must have. During these challenges i am rewarded for good results and punished when i fall short. Some of these punishments have been quite painful and memorable. i have met Ladies that have been quite nurturing and others that in my estimation are quite cruel. i have been forced to perform as a maid and serve guests while wearing a maids uniform on several occasions. This has always been quite humiliating. Most of the time, Goddess Sandra will pack my outfits and provide written instructions for me to follow. Sometimes these instructions are quite detailed. The last time, Goddess Sandra required that i stuff my corset with very large water balloons. This sounds like a small task. However, over the course of 3 hours you begin to know they are there. It also changes walking in high heels. It is also very difficult when multiple Ladies are involved in my training as each has different expectations and requirements. Most of the time Goddess Sandra requires that i wear 4 inch or higher spike heels. On some occasions, She will let me off with 4 inch heels that have a more squared heel but this is only when I have to do more tedious chores.