Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Goddess Sandra's requirements are getting tougher

Goddess Sandra has really stepped things up. She sent me to Piercing Pagoda to get my ears pierced over the weekend, thrills. It was a challenge as i had to pick the earrings sit in the chair and get pierced by a very sweet and gorgeous twenty something. She wore like 4.5 inch heels heels she was more than happy to pierce my ears. Ouch!!! Goddess Sandra also used a little wire that went from one ear to the other and went into my mouth. It was hard to talk as it pulled my ears every time i moved my mouth. Goddess Sandra also surprised me with a new wig that I think makes me look younger. i am told the piercings are not done. i can only imagine what is next.

tammi get her nipples pierced

Goddess Sandra really sent me on an adventure recently. She sent me to a piercing shop, Stacey's and as i found out when i arrived my nipples were to be pierced. She told the piercer that she wanted them deep which the piercer was more than happy to do. i had temporary piercings there before but this was a new adventure. i sat in the chair quietly accepting my fate as one then the other nipple was pierced. Goddess Sandra has said she wants them stretched and more so i am scared of how far she might go with this. She says She is arranging a followup visit. As i brush something up against them it certainly gets my attention!!!! The major saving grace was i didn't have to dress as tammi although the piercer did know that tammi was my girl name and she called me "tammi" the whole time. It was definitely humiliating. She is into the scene so she knew exactly what was going on!!!